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-* The main website with documentation is at [](
+* The main website with documentation is at
+* Official user group is at [Google Groups](
+Usage Example
``` php
@@ -44,25 +46,6 @@ $mink->getSession('goutte1')->getPage()->findLink('Chat')->click();
-Existing Sahi session usage
-Everytime Mink inits SahiDriver - it tries to connect to the browser with specific SID and if it can't - it starts new browser automatically. It means, that if you run ANY browser before starting mink and point it to page with correct SID - SahiDriver will use this browser as tests aim. But! By default, SahiDriver will automatically generate unique SID. You can change this behavior with third parameter to SahiDriver, which should be `Behat\SahiClient\Client` instance:
-``` php
-$client = new \Behat\SahiClient\Client(new \Behat\SahiClient\Connection('SAHI_SID'));
-$mink->registerSession('sahi_custom', new Session(new SahiDriver($startUrl, 'firefox', $client)));
-`SAHI_SID` could be any unique string.
-Now just configure proxy settings in needed browser and point it to:
-This way you could test your sites on iOS or Android or WinPhone devices.

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