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Releases: BeipDev/BeipMU

Vertical Captions, simpler connect messages, and bug fixes

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4.00.316 - 2022-9-26

  • Added taskbar badge to show count of windows with activity (Only works for store app version)
  • Added vertical window captions for docked windows (right click a docked caption to set)
  • Improve connect/error messages to be simpler and clearer
  • Fix reconnect issue where Pueblo/etc isn't reset properly
  • Fix Aliases/Macros to open the dialog and select the current server/character
  • Fix crash when getting TLS error during connection (typically only happens on Wine)
  • Fixed a trigger crash caused by /receive aborting a spawn capture
  • Tweaked local echo handling with MUD prompts
  • Fix GMCP avatar handling to work with puppets

Trigger improvements, and random fixes

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4.00.313 - 2022-4-18

  • Removed trigger processing order and added ability to drag triggers before/after the servers/characters, which lets you have both orders at once
  • Added right click menu for triggers to move to top/bottom
  • Fixed edit windows having wrong font (broken in 312)
  • Fixed inline gif flickering (introduced in 312)
  • Fixed a crash in HTML logging when the output window's font is changed after logging has started.
  • Fixed a crash/hang on a blank non regex trigger matching 'once per line'
  • Fixed a crash on connection failure, the worker thread was accessing the socket after the socket was already deleted
  • When 'Dark mode' enabled, scrollbars in main window are now dark theme
  • Add 'Prevent smart quote mode in input windows' to hopefully prevent people accidentally turning this on once and for all (optional in case you actually want it)

Avatars and improved per window settings

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4.00.312 - 2022-3-27

  • Add line images (aka Avatars) through GMCP & trigger actions
  • Add support for Unicode DNS names (I didn't know this didn't work until I discovered that getaddrinfo doesn't support UTF8)
  • Added 'Use Global Settings' toggle to text & input right click menus, to make it easy to share settings or override per window
  • Added global/local settings for puppet windows, and they now save/restore their own docking layouts
  • Added connection stats to character dialog (was previously only shown in the statistics window)
  • Changed local echo setting to be per input window, and can be set in the input window settings
  • Change keyboard shortcuts dialog to detect duplicate keys and give you option to unbind the duplicate
  • Fix bug where input & history window sizes are not saved when closing the app (they're saved when closing a tab, but not the app)

TLS 1.3, Dark Theme, and More

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4.00.311 - 2022-2-17

  • Added TLS 1.3 support (only a small change needed for it, works out of box on Windows 11, Windows 10 needs a reg key set to enable it)
  • Added 'Show as activity' trigger option
  • Added 'Process Commands' option for alias results (to run / commands in the resulting alias)
  • Added 'Stop Processing when hit' option for aliases (to prevent later aliases from breaking things)
  • Changed connecting to create an 'Unnamed' character if not using a character, to make it more intuitive to use (will preserve settings/restore more automatically)
  • Changed taskbar coloring to look cleaner (and work better in dark theme)
  • Added 'Dark theme' to color BeipMU drawn GUI as dark (Windows drawn stuff will follow windows' mode)
  • Map selection filter is preserved across close/open of character tabs (like how origin/zoom is)
  • Fixed bug in puppet 'Hide prefix' when prefix wasn't at the start of the line (could even crash)

Bug fixes

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4.00.310 - 2022-1-10

  • Fix bug where using "Edit->Copy/Paste window settings" can lead to crashes
  • Fix bug where window settings are not initialized to defaults when creating new characters
  • Fix minor display only error with input window font size not matching chosen font size

Per Window Settings, plus fixes

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4.00.309 - 2021-10-27

  • Add per server/character window settings, have different fonts/colors/etc per window!
  • Add 'Double space lines' logging option
  • Add 'Send Telnet Interrupt Process (IAP IP)' keyboard shortcut
  • Add progress bars to beip.stats GMCP package
  • Add Shift+Click to extend selection in output windows
  • Add Holding down Ctrl when connecting opens the tab without connecting
  • Tweak URL detection to include trailing _ characters (Dranyth)
  • Tweak preferences dialog to not be so vertical
  • Improve restore logs to restore local echo
  • Fix a bug in MCMP where http:// was being prepended to every URL and it shouldn't have been.
  • Fix another timers related bug (I found out OS timers can hit early, which leads to waiting 2x the timeout duration)
  • Fix idle timer to not re-activate when trying to send something on a disconnected window
  • Fixed a sound playback bug where if a file is not found or there is an error that playback slot becomes unusable (So after 16 failed sounds and no more will play)

YouTube link previews + bug fixes

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  • Added 'Input Window - Autocomplete Whole Line'
  • Added YouTube link previews
  • Added tooltips to inline images (shows the full video title for youtube previews)
  • Fixed a bug with accessibility, can cause a crash if over a line just deleted
  • Fixed a hang when inline images/image viewer is on and the URL is not valid

Better HTML logging + more!

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4.00.307 - 2021-5-19

  • Made .gifv links be treated as .gif and will now show up and animate for inline images
  • Made image URLs with ? in them work, like
  • Extended /delay times to allow fractional values, so /delay 2.2s ... /delay 1.5m ... etc now works
  • Changed inline images to decode on a background thread vs the UI thread, should be a little smoother
  • Improved HTML logging to handle paragraph styles, toggle-able time stamps and formatting!
  • Fixed a weird inline image redraw bug with webp, apparently webp pumps window messages during decoding, fixed by the previous item
  • Fixed Pueblo glitch where an image URL could show two inline images, due to auto URL parsing running on top of the Pueblo URL
  • Fixed some windows shutdown related bugs (and app update), it would previously not save settings if a windows shutdown was previously aborted
  • Fixed a bug where timers stop working randomly (all app timers, so even tooltips)
  • Fixed a redraw bug with inline images, the top margin wasn't being accounted for properly
  • Fixed a crash on images where it thinks an image is an animated gif but isn't

Quick fix for 305

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4.00.306 - 2021-4-28

Fixed a crashing bug for certain items in the right click menu (had a bug in the new structure to hold the menu items)

Inline images, bug fixes, and more

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4.00.305 - 2021-4-27

  • Added inline images! (optional of course, can configure it in the Options->Preferences... dialog)
  • Added ability to click on pause icon to unpause if it was paused by the user (vs paused by an action like find requiring it to stay paused)
  • Added '' lookup on right click of word in input window (if it's spelled correctly)
  • Added 'Reconnect' keyboard shortcut
  • Added idle message sending to the character settings, no need to use /idle anymore
  • Changed the alias dialog to show a multiline test result
  • Fixed the output window getting stuck paused if you left click on multiple input devices at once (like mouse & touchpad for example).