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@BeipDev BeipDev released this Aug 2, 2019 · 25 commits to master since this release

4.00.285 - 2019-8-1

  • Spawns, input windows, and input history now have their layouts and content restored per character (and on exit/reopen)
    Bonus: If there's a crash, the content will be restored up to the moment of the crash!
    Changed the welcome text into a popup window, since it doesn't fit anywhere in the restored content
  • Added a tooltip for the window tabs, so if they're truncated it's still possible to see the full name, unread count, etc.
  • Added 'Convert spaces to %B' function
  • Added '/autolog' to restart any stopped server/character autolog
  • Added '/reconnect' to reconnect to all disconnected tabs in every window
  • Added 'File->Close Window' to close a single window
  • Changed 'File->Exit' to close all windows (so that relaunching will then restore all windows vs just the last one closed)
  • Added '/exit' to close all windows and their tabs (same as File->Exit)
  • Added %server% and %character% variable substitution for all log filenames
  • Added right click menu for URLs (open/copy)
  • Added support for Pueblo tags
  • Added Tab number display when Alt is pressed (for easy Alt+# switching)
  • Changed it so that the config.txt file is locked on open, so you can't open two copies that try to write to the same file accidentally
  • Changed '/wall ' to act like was directly typed in every connected world. So aliases & commands all work
  • Changed input history color to be the window color, not the inaccessible local echo color
  • Changed TCP_NODELAY to be on by default since BeipMU already internally coalesces sent data into single blocks optimally
  • Fixed minor annoyance where clicking on a spawn window in the background wouldn't bring it's main window to the front
  • Fixed a crash when trying to connect with SSL and the port isn't the SSL one (basically when SSL fails to negotiate)
  • Improve tooltips so that they don't go off the right or bottom edges of the working area of the monitor they appear on
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