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More maps, more everything

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4.00.296 - 2020-6-20

  • Lots of mapping improvements (images, labels, rotation, z-ordering, easier exit naming, save as png, and more!)
  • Changed input window to allow applying bold & italic font styles to the display font
  • Changed Triggers/Macros/Aliases to allow all to be open at once (instead of just one of them)
  • Changed pueblo processing to eat xch_page and img xch_graph tags
  • Changed disconnect due to network error to connect again after connect timeout
    Improved spawn 'Copy Line instead of move' to also work during a spawn capture
  • Added animated gif support in the image viewer pane
  • Added new option 'send unrecognized commands' to bypass needing to use the // prefix to send a line starting with / directly to a server
  • Added Hash text coloring option to triggers (colors the text based on a hash value of the matched words)
  • Added global shutoff for restore logs (Options->Logging->Restore Logs->Enabled)
  • Added auto folder creation to logging (if a log filename has folders that don't exist, they're created automatically)
  • Added global logging default (with variables to auto generate nice folder structures)
    For example: %userprofile%\Documents\Logs%server%%character%%date%.txt
  • Added margin settings for the input window
  • Added 'null spawn', if a spawn has an empty window title it starts a spawn capture to the main window (useful to stop other spawns between two match texts)
  • Fixed bug where docked windows in a new tab don't relayout properly until closing and reopening tab
  • Fixed bug where output windows don't update with new content when an OS dialog is up (file picker, font picker, color picker, etc..)
  • Fixed crash when resizing from tiny window size on boot (not sure how it can get into that state though)
  • Fixed crash in maps when creating zero sized rooms
  • Fixed crash in maps when trying to speedrun without a current room
  • Fixed hang when using 'log from beginning' on a full output window