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This is the simulation code for "Two-Stage Focused Inference for Resource-Constrained Collision-Free Navigation". See bib reference below:

@Inproceedings{Mu_RSS_15, Author = {B. Mu AND A. Agha-mohammadi AND L. Paull AND M. Graham AND J. How AND J. Leonard}, Title = {Two-Stage Focused Inference for Resource-Constrained Collision-Free Navigation}, Booktitle = {Robotics Science and Systems}, Year = {2015}, Address = {Rome, Italy}, Month = {July} }

iSAM library

Folder isam contains the modified isam library to optimize pose graphs. There are pre-compiled executable file isam and sparse_graph_glc under the bin folder To compile from source, following the commands on ubuntu: cd isam mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. make Fore more details about the library, refer to readme file under isam folder.

two-stage selection script

Folder focused_mapping contains matlab scripts of our two-stage selection algorithms as well as compared algorithms. The main script is main_simulate.m. The results are saved to 'simulation_results.mat'

Data is contained in focused_mapping/data subfoler. 'simlate.g2o' is the main data file. There are too tpes of factors, ODOMETRY represents a relative measure between two robot poses, ended with the closest obstacle point. LANDMARK represents a measure between a robot pose and a landmarks. 'simulated_landmark_truth' contains the grounth truth for landmarkr positions

FIRM software

FIRM is a software to use use feedback control to simulate nabigation performance. The main script is 'main.m'. It reads results from focused_mapping results and simulate the navigation process.