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Beit-Hatfusot Front-End README

Welcome to the frontend of the museum of the jewish people. The code is in Javascript using Angular 1.4.x and licensed under AGPLv3. Please feel free to fork and send us pull requests.

Our distant backend is the system known as BHP, an ancient Windows based client-server software still used by our team of editors, volunteers and museum visitors. Our direct backend is an API server written in Python using Flask, accessing data in a Mongo & ElasticSearch cluster. The cluster is filled with data from BHP using our migration bot.

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$ sudo su
$ npm install -g gulp
$ npm install -g bower
$ exit

Getting the code and dependecies

$ mkdir bh
$ cd bh
$ git clone http://....
$ npm install
$ bower install

Run the live reloading development server

$ gulp serve

Then head to http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

Test & Build

$ gulp test
$ gulp build-all

To send request to different server than the default local server http://localhost:5000, set the API_SERVER environment variable to one of live, test, local:

$ API_SERVER=live gulp serve


To build a distribution for live deployment, run:

$ API_SERVER=live gulp dist

Don't forget to set API_SERVER to the desired one.

If you like to test the built version using the local development server, after gulp dist run:

$ gulp serve:dist


Contributions from both Jews and non-Jews are welcomed! We even have a beginner label to help you start with (hopefully) simple issues. Once you have an issue, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Fork it!
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request :D


Change Log

We have very partial documentation so far. What we have, had been generated by generator-ngdoc After generation, the (generated) src folder have been removed, since it was not needed.

In order to serve the docs http://localhost:3000 run:

$ cd docs
$ bower install
$ gulp docs:serve