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Updating Bela

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You can update the core code and the IDE with the latest fixes and improvements using the IDE or the Bela scripts.

It is recommended that you keep the code on your board always up to date with the latest releases from the github repo, to make sure you always have the latest features and bug fixes. Make sure you update your board at least once after flashing a new image, as the code contained in the image may be a few weeks old.

Updating with the IDE

To update to the latest version of Bela go to and download the latest version of the Bela core code. Click Clone or download and then Download ZIP.

In the Bela IDE go to the Settings tab and click on Upload an update patch at the bottom of the page. This window will pop up:

Choose the .zip file on your computer and click Upload. This will automatically update Bela to the version you downloaded. Once the download is complete you will need to refresh the browser - this can sometimes take ten seconds or so.

Getting the experimental release

In the development of the Bela platform, we keep a stable branch (the master branch) which contains the improvements that have undergone some testing and are safe for everyone to use. We also maintain many unstable development branches which contain the latest features but are not yet 100% tested. In case you want to download the archive for a branch different from the default one, you can go through the procedure above selecting a different branch before hitting the download button:


Boards running Bela images earlier than v0.2.0a may issue the following error when building a project after updating to the latest Bela code:

Building pru_rtaudio.p
/bin/sh: 1:
pasm: not found
make: *** [include/pru_rtaudio_bin.h] Error 127

if that is the case, you need to install pasm, following the instructions here.

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