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Trill: Touch Sensing for Makers

Trill sensors are designed to bring beautiful touch interaction to digital projects. Trill was funded on Kickstarter in 2019, and Trill sensors are available now in the Bela Shop.

Trill libraries and examples

The Bela IDE comes pre-loaded with the Trill library and Trill examples.

For other platforms:

  • Trill-Linux contains the Trill library and examples for Linux systems, such as Raspberry Pi

  • Trill-Arduino contains the Trill library and examples for Arduino, as well as Arduino-compatible systems such as Teensy. These also include examples of how to connect your Trill sensor to Processing to generate visuals.

Trill hardware designs

This repo contains the editable PCB designs and manufacturing files for Trill sensors. You can download these design files and edit them yourself using PCB software such as KiCad or EAGLE.

Licensing: PCB designs

All Trill hardware design files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0 license (or CC-BY-SA), meaning that you can freely use these for your own projects provided you supply attribution and a link to this repo, and release your own design files under the same licesnse. Read more about CC-BY-SA on the Creative Commons site.

Licensing: Firmware

Trill firmware is the code that's flashed to each Trill sensor, and this firmware is also provided here. Trill firmware is licensed under the Gnu Public License, or GPL. This means that you can use this code for any purpose, but you must push the changes you make back to this repo.

Licensing: Commercial

It's possible to use Trill design files and firmware for a commercial projects free of charge under CC-BY-SA (hardware) and GPL (firmware). Both licenses allow you to use these assets yourself under the license requirements (which include releasing any changes you make to the designs under the same license).

If you want to use Trill design files but not provide attribution and/or not release your source code - for example, because you want to create something to sell using these files but don't want to make your source files public and linked to this repo - this is still possible, but requires a commercial license. Bela can provide you with a commercial licesnse that fits your project and its scope, starting at £500 for 500 pieces. Get in touch with the Bela team at to discuss your product and the license that's right for you.

Please note: The above commercial licensing applies only to modifications to our provided firmware code and PCB designs. You are free to buy Trill sensors for use in any commercial or personal project. We offer discounts for bulk orders of Trill sensors for commercial use; please email to discuss your needs.

Trill name and logo

The Trill name and logo are copyright Augmented Instruments Ltd. Any modified designs that you release should not use the Trill name or logo.


This repo contains the Trill datasheet. There is one datasheet for all Trill sensors that includes technical diagrams and usage information.

Fritzing files

Fritzing parts are available for all Trill sensors, in the Bela Fritzing repo.

Learn more

The Bela Knowledge Base contains great documentation on using Trill! Visit for more information, as well as our Get Started Guide.


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