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follow the (instructions here) to uncompress the image and flash the resulting .img file to an SD card, put it into your Bela and boot the board. Sorted!

Advanced usage:

  • older Beaglebones will not manage to boot from an SD card flashed with this image without a little help (stuck with all LEDs solid blue). In order to boot they will require you to power up the board while pressing the "USR" button on the BBB ( at the back just above the SD card slot), then it will boot from the SD card. Then you should run /opt/Bela/ once in order to copy the new bootloader to the eMMC so that next time it will boot without the USR button. If you want to flash the eMMC, then you can skip the bootloader copy step, as it will be copied as part of the eMMC flashing process.

  • Beaglebone Black Wireless: to enable the on-board wireless chip, change one line in BELABOOT/uEnv.txt: comment out the line with dtb=am335x-bone-bela.dtb and uncomment #dtb=am335x-bone-bela-black-wireless.dtb. Note: edit the uEnv.txt from the host computer (the device will show up as BELABOOT), do a safe eject on the host, then shut down the board gracefully (e.g.: hold-press the Bela cape button). Reboot.

  • To flash the emmc once you boot from the SD card:

systemctl start bela_flash_emmc

you can then monitor the progress (not much really) with

journalctl -fu bela_flash_emmc

You will know it's done when the solid LEDs will power off and you only have one or more blinking.

to make it so that it will always flash the emmc upon every boot ( e.g.: to flash multiple BBBs):

systemctl enable bela_flash_emmc

to disable this:

systemctl disable bela_flash_emmc
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