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Bill of Materials

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The Pepper PCB and Faceplate are available here: and


A Mouser project with all the components aside from the Thonkicon Mono plugs and USB cables can be found here:

The Bela starter kit can be sourced from

If you would like to breakout the USB device and host to a front panel then we recommend the following type of USB right angle to panel mount breakouts:

The resistor values provided below have been chosen to scale a 0-10V CV input to the full range of the analog inputs on Bela (0-4.09V). For the best results we recommend measuring the resistance of resistors R1, R3, R5, R12, R17, R19, R21, R23 and the 8 pots to ensure that each pair are matched. See notes on choosing resistor values for more information.

Full BOM can be found here:

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