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BetaUp is no longer being actively developed. Feel free to fork and use this repo, but at the moment, I can't promise it will be updated to the newest version of Laravel.


It's a Composer package for Laravel that allows setting up pre-launch, sign up page with e-mail activation (confirmation). Package includes model for beta-user, migrations and basic view.

BetaUp Default Theme - Magister


  1. Add "belar/betaup": "dev-master" to your composer.json file and do composer update.
  2. Edit app/config/app.php and add 'Belar\Betaup\BetaupServiceProvider', to your providers list:
'providers' => array(
  1. Migrate php artisan migrate --package="belar/betaup"
  2. (Optional) Publish config to adjust php artisan config:publish belar/betaup
  3. (Optional) Copy Views to adjust php artisan view:publish belar/betaup
  4. (Optional) Publish assets [for default theme] php artisan asset:publish belar/betaup

Now you should be able to access BetaUp via your_domain/betaup.

Docs - Available functions


Configuration file allows you to customize BetaUp options and you can find it in app/config/packages/belar/betaup after publication (step 4 of installation).
'uri' => 'betaup' - package address prefix, by default it's yourdomain/betaup, you can change it to ex. yourdomain/amazinghype etc.
'email_confirmation' => 'true' True by default, this option allows to turn e-mail confirmation off.
'activated_by_default' => 'false' False by default, you can determine if user should be activated by default.
'social_icons' => 'true' True by default, allows you to turn off Twitter and Facebook icons visible on landing page.
'twitter_profile' => 'twitter_url' URL for Twitter profile.
'facebook_profile' => 'facebook_url'URL for Facebook profile.
'alert_timeout' => '5000' 5000 by default, determines time after which alerts should fade out (ms).
'dark_theme' => 'true' Changes colour scheme to dark, set to 'false' for bright style.
'main_background_image' => '' Requires full URL path to the image, leave empty to keep default picture.

Beta key generator

generateBetaCode($amount) - Generates $amount of unique Beta codes, 1 by default.
getBetaCodes($type) - Will fetch all beta keys matching criteria, avaialble options are used for keys already activated and available for unused keys. Empty call will return all codes available.
getFirstBetaCodeAvailable - Returns 1st available key.
checkBetaCode - Checks if code submited by user is vaild aka exists in beta codes table. Returns true if code is correct and unused.

Referal links & karma system

NOTE: This options are available since version 2.3. If you are updating from version 2.2.1 or earlier, you need to run a migration which adds fields for referal code and karma value.
By default referal code is genereted to every newly submited email and 1 karma point is added to every user who successfuly confirms his email with activation link. At the same time referer is getting +1 karma if form was accessed via referal link in form of .../betaup/referal/referal_code.

showRefLink($cred) - Shows referal code of a user based on it's id or email. Returns ref code or false if no data is present.
currentKarma($cred) - Shows user's current karma based on if, referal code or email. Default karma is set to 0, but if no value is present, it will return false.
karmaUp($cred, $amount) - Adds karma to user based on id, ref code or email. Second variable determines value. If user isn't present, returns false.
karmaOrMore($amount) - Returns data of all users with karma even or higher than $amount.

Incoming features

I'm open for suggestions; feel free to write to me on Twitter or submit an issue via GitHub.


Default theme is a modification of Magister template, published by Sergey Pozhilov on


  • added new default theme
  • config update with theming options
  • mass mail active/inactive users
  • referal links
  • karma system
  • alert fade-out after X ms
  • removed assets physical dependency
  • views are split into parent-childs model
  • added config support (check docs above)
  • added social media icons
  • added error/success alert with fade-out
  • minor clean-ups
  • mass mail
  • beta code generator
  • composer package
  • intial release