User Interface for Powershell unit Testing software
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Brief Description:

User Interface for Powershell unit Testing software. The X is silent.
This project will consist of an easy to understand User interface, that allows users to submit Unit/Integration tests against Powershell code and Virtual infrastructures, as well as view detailed results and log files from those tests.
This project will integrate with tools like Pester and Vester.


  • Quickly start Vester tests.
  • Sort/Filter drill down to review results at any test level.
  • Easily re-run Tests, with Remediate option.
  • Share your results via a URL. Great for team environments.

Components of XesterUI

  • TestRun – A set of specified tests that run on specific Targets.
  • System - A group of Targets, must contain at least one vCenter
  • Target – A single vSphere entity, vCenter, Host, Cluster, vm, etc.
  • Queue Manager – Manages the Queue of tests, assigns them to an appropriate TestRun Manager, also aborts cancelled testruns.
  • TestRun Manager – A process that can execute a TestRun workflow.
  • Workflow – A wrapper script for Vester.
  • Database – Collects all of the meta data about the vSphere systems and TestRun results.
  • User Interface – Set of web pages where you are able to slice and dice the TestRun data, submit TestRuns, Remediate, etc.


  • Vester 1.2.0 - clearly! This does all the heavy lifting, performing the tests and producing the output xml. No changes needed!
  • PowerWamp 3.0.3 - Powershell MySQL plugin to interact with DB.
  • PowerLumber 3.0.0 - Powershell logging module.
  • Powershell 5.1 - I've not tested older versions.
  • PowerCLI 6.5.2 - I've not tested older versions.
  • Pester 4.0.8 - Not really sure what version, it ships with Powershell 5.1.

Currently I have only tested in a windows environment. However the 'amp' could be on a linux machine so long as it had access to the same share for viewing logfiles.
Review the specific dependancies of these packages for more specific requirements.


  • Install dependancies.
  • Run deploy_XesterUI.ps1 (future)
  • This script will create directories, move files, install modules.
  • Browse to "machine IP"/XesterUI
  • Browse pages to update information in Database.

Starting XesterUI

  • Run Start_XesterUI.ps1 (future)
  • This script will start the Queue Manager and TestRun Manager on the local machine.

Before you start a test

Be sure you have entered a correct config.json file in the DB for your systems.
Remember the current process simply wraps Vester, it does not create a config file on the fly.

Starting a Test

Once your information is updated
Browse to the Systems page
Type a 'test name', select whether you want to 'Remediate', and press the 'Start TestRun' button

Reviewing Results

TestRuns are broken down by System, then TestSuites, then TestCases.
You can filter or sort using the Twitter Bootstrap UI.
Click around and explore!


The community module is not officially supported and should be used at your own risk.
Feel free to submit a bug or feature request.


I'm not perfect, either is my code! Feel free to contribute to any of our projects!
Simply Fork the project, Create a feature branch, submit a PR, it will be reviewed before being merged into the master.


Visit my blog for screen captures and more details: