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A Minecraft core mod to fix some issues in MagnetiCraft
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ASMHelper @ 7aad682

MagnetiCraft Patcher

To teach myself how to make a coremod I've taken on some bugs in MagnetiCraft. Unfortunately development seems to be currently on hiatus or focused on updating to 1.9.4+ and I didn't want redistribute modified version of the mod itself.

A coremod is a pretty intrusive thing (and this is my first try at one) so I take absolutely no responsibility for any damage it does to your world. Saying that, I tested it and it seems to work fine.

Important: This is for version 0.6.1-final of MagnetiCraft, it probably won't work with others and may crash you or damage your world if you try to use it with other versions.

Issues addressed:

  • Fixes cout970/Magneticraft-API-and-Issues#84 (shelving unit deleting items)
  • Should fix cout970/Magneticraft-API-and-Issues#77 / cout970/Magneticraft-API-and-Issues#82 (pipe interacion)
  • Maybe fixes cout970/Magneticraft-API-and-Issues#92 (strange SMP crash)
  • Should fix cout970/Magneticraft-API-and-Issues#80 (crafter dupe) (Version 0.2)
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