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Lightbox: get rid of Bootstrap-lightbox #22

niconoe opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Nicolas Noé
Nicolas Noé

The lightbox is currently using, which has recently proved to be a real pain to work with, for example:

  • Impossible to make the last version working (Bootstrap version issues?)
  • Incomplete documentation
  • (sometimes) strange positioning on the lightbox
  • Poor API, with no manual/advanced control on size, positioning, ...

For all these reasons it would make more sense and would make our life easier to replace this with a more flexible lightbox mechanism, ideally not tied to Bootsrap.

Nicolas Noé niconoe self-assigned this
Nicolas Noé

Requirements for the replacement:

  • Not tied to bootstrap (more choice, less risk of compatibility issues)
  • Allow to display a full div, not only image
  • JS API to open/close via code
  • Good documentation
  • Configurable for code, positioning...
  • If possible implement Close button (if we no we'll implement manually as it is now)
  • Implement Next/Prev button tied to a callback (if we no we'll implement manually as it is now)
Nicolas Noé


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