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Architecture overview

This is a Django project made of two main apps:

  • A django CMS install to manage simple content (static texts, images, ...)
  • A custom 'ants_atlas' Django app that allows searching and displaying ants occurrences on a Leaflet map. It imports its data directly from the Darwin Core Archive published by the IPT.

Deployment instructions

(TODO: improve this)

  • Install requirements
  • Create
  • Create database (and configure it with dj-database-url)
  • Create an admin and basic CMS pages
  • Configure the ants_atlas AppHook on a page
  • Import DwcA data into formidabel

Visual customization

App-specific CSS can be edited in formidabel/static/css/formidabel.css.

The design is based on Bootstrap. It is therefore possible to recompile Bootstrap with different options to make it looks more custom:

  1. Node.js is a requirement. NPM can then be used to install other Bootstrap dependencies:

    $ npm install -g less jshint recess uglify-js
  2. Go to Bootstrap sources

    $ cd bootstrap-2.2.2
  3. Edit files (mainly in less/variables.less)

  4. Compile Bootstrap:

    $ make clean && make bootstrap # A bootstrap directory is generated
  5. Copy resulting files in in static assets of the app:

    $ cp -R bootstrap/* ../formidabel/static/