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Godot yaml adds printing and parsing yaml data.

It uses yaml-cpp for the basic parsing and specific converters for Godot classes.

Supported classes are printed as either their matching yaml type or, if special handling is necessary, using a yaml tag to identify them as that special type.

Currently it prints and parses all Variant variables except objects and thus currently has the same behaviour as JSON.


Since this is a godot native plugin, you first need to (pre)load it like this:

yaml = preload("res://addons/godot-yaml/gdyaml.gdns").new()

After this the basic usage is like for JSON:

To convert a value to a yaml string you need to use the print method, like this:

var yamlstring = yaml.print(1.0)

The parse method takes a yaml formatted string and tries to convert it into a godot variable

var value = yaml.parse(yamlstring)

If it cannot convert the string it will give an error message with information why it could not convert something and the position inside the string where it failed.

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