Believotron Axoloti Patches
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Believotron Axoloti Patches

These are the objects and patches used to interface Believotron hardware to Axoloti hardware.

The first hardware supported is the Believotron Wanderlust.

This project is in an open beta. The codebase is currently hot spaghetti and in active refactoring.

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Task list:

Short term

  • Continue removing old/dependency code/objects
  • Build unit tests
  • Finalize file locations
  • Install on new system and write Getting Started documentation
  • Verify install on Beta user

Mid term

  • Add midi controllers on request

Technical Debt

  • Rename /logic/trigger_if_const to /logic/bufferOnChannelSel and update all upstream references
  • /math/Spread8 seems backwards. Flip logic and add a switch to count up/down. Update all upstream references
  • /MIDI/keyb_ch should add CC as well
  • /mix/mix8MINUSNo_Gain.axo needs a unit test
  • /string/strIndex needs a test


  • Refactored and created tests for /logic
  • Refactored and created tests for /math