A simple and interesting hybrid app. React Native version: http://t.cn/R5LqqLz Demo:
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A simple and interesting Framework7 hybrid app.With PhoneGap you can easily convert it to native iOS app.

React Native

HiApp is also written in React Native. BelinChung/react-native-hiapp

Unlike PhoneGap/Cordova, React Native provides bindings for native UI controls which totally outclass HTML-based hybrid solutions. so it is simple to write high-performance UI by React Native.

Build Tools

HiApp use different build tools to build the same project, Hope it will helps you select a suitable build tool.


  • cordova ^5.0.0
  • framework7 ^1.4.0


HiApp use npm to manage third-party packages now.

Then install all dependencies, in repo's root:

$ npm install 

PhoneGap App Guides

Install the cordova module using npm utility of Node.js.

$ npm install -g cordova

Create App

Go to the directory where you maintain your source code, and run a command such as the following:

$ cordova create hiapp com.hiapp.hiapp HiApp

Check out source code

Because the PhoneGap app directory should not already exist, so check out the HiApp source code in this step.

$ cd hiapp  
$ git init   
$ git remote add origin https://github.com/BelinChung/HiApp.git  
$ git pull origin master  
$ git reset --hard origin/master  

Add Platforms

Before you can build the project, you need to specify a set of target platforms.

$ cordova platform add ios

Add Plugins

You need to add plugins that provide access to core Cordova APIs.

$ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-whitelist cordova-plugin-camera cordova-plugin-geolocation cordova-plugin-file-transfer cordova-plugin-inappbrowser cordova-plugin-network-information

Build the App

Run the following command to iteratively build the project:

$ cordova build ios

Test the App on an iOS Device with Xcode

Double-click to open the platforms/ios/HiApp.xcodeproj file

Press the Run button to deploy the application in the emulator

Web App Preview

HiApp use webpack browser sync server to develop, Just run it in repo's root:

$ npm run dev

WebApp will be available on http://localhost:3000/

Web App Release / PhoneGap App Release

$ npm run build

The result is available in www/ folder.



App Store


Copyright (c) 2014-2016 Belin Chung. MIT Licensed, see LICENSE for details.