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BellaCodeKeepSiteAlive is a Windows Service that pings URLS at regular intervals.

This is most often used to prevent application pools from shutting down for sites that don't have heavy internet traffic.


  1. Build and/or copy the BellaCodeKeepSiteAlive to your computer.

    • You can download the EXE from the 'Built' folder in this repository.
    • I recommend 'Program Files\BellaCodeKeepSiteAlive' as a good location.
  2. Create/Modify the SiteUrls.txt file in the same directory as the EXE.

    • Each line of the file represents a web site to ping regularly.
    • Each line should be the time between pings (hh:mm:ss), a space, and then the URL.
    • This line will ping the BellaCode site every 1 minute and 3 seconds


  3. Open a command prompt with administrator permission and run the EXE with the installation switch.

    BellaCodeKeepSiteAlive /i

  4. Start the service.

    net start BellaCodeKeepSiteAlive


You can look in the Application event log for the BellaCodeKeepSiteAlive event source. It will log the following:

  • Service Starting/Started and the number of sites it found.
  • If there is an exception loading SiteUrls.txt
  • When each site's keep alive thread starts.
  • If the site returns something other than OK (reported as a warning).
  • If there is an exception calling a site (reported as an error)
  • Service Stopping/Stopped.

Not Implemented

These features are not implemented. Pull requests welcome.

  • Sites requiring authentication
  • Following redirects