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About bcg729

Bcg729 is an opensource implementation of both encoder and decoder of the ITU G729 Annex A/B speech codec.

The library written in C 99 is fully portable and can be executed on many platforms including both ARM and x86 processors. libbcg729 supports concurrent channels encoding/decoding for multi call application such as conferencing. This project was initially developed as part of Mediastreamer2, the Linphone's media processing engine. This is why it also contains the glue to be integrated in Linphone/Mediastreamer2.


The source code is licensed under GPLv2. ITU G729 Annex A/B were offically released October/November 1996 (, hence all patents covering these specifications shall have expired in November 2016. Patent pool administrator confirmed most licensed patents under the G.729 Consortium have expired (



No dependency is requested.

Build procedure

Building by Autotools way is deprecated. Use CMake to configure the source code.

cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<prefix> -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=<search_prefixes>

make install

Supported build options

  • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<string> : install prefix
  • CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=<string> : column-separated list of prefixes where to look for dependencies
  • ENABLE_SHARED=NO : do not build the shared library
  • ENABLE_STATIC=NO : do not build the static library
  • ENABLE_TESTS=NO : do not build non-regression tests

Note for packagers

Our CMake scripts may automatically add some paths into research paths of generated binaries. To ensure that the installed binaries are striped of any rpath, use -DCMAKE_SKIP_INSTALL_RPATH=ON while you invoke cmake.

Tests suite

  • Tests are defined for each functional bloc (more or less matching a source file) and for global encoding/decoding

  • Use -DENABLE_TESTS=YES to compile with tests To run all tests available in the test directory, run testCampaignAll from test directory

  • Input tests pattern have been generated by ITU code using ITU tests patterns. The test patterns are not part of this repository but can be downloaded here. However, the first run of make check will get them for you.

  • To run partial test, use perl executable testCampaign in the test directory. ./testCampaign <functional bloc name> You must first download the tests patterns using make check or manually