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Yocto BSP layer for Linphone

This layer provides support for linphone for use with : master : Stable linphone version for Yocto Fido and Morty. yocto-jethro : Stable linphone version for Yocto Jehtro. dev-fido : Follows linphone development for Yocto Fido.

This layer depends on the following layers:

poky/meta-poky (meta-yocto for Fido)


If you wish to contribute to this layer please submit the patches for review to the mailing list

Mailing list:

Source code:


When creating patches, you can use something like this:

git format-patch -s --subject-prefix='meta-bc][PATCH' origin

How to build linphone / flexisip with Yocto

A complete Linphone for Yocto guide is available on the following wiki:

How to download and install linphone / flexisip using belledonne communication's ipk repository

If you don't want to compile and download the package by yourself, you can use the ones that are already compiled on Belledonne communication repository. The packages are built for an arm target (Wandboard solo).