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How to test my forked Soundswitch-dev installer? #273

aleczk opened this issue May 15, 2018 · 5 comments

How to test my forked Soundswitch-dev installer? #273

aleczk opened this issue May 15, 2018 · 5 comments


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@aleczk aleczk commented May 15, 2018


I'm not used to program at all, but I'm trying to make you have the option to install the program directly in Portuguese (Brazil). I noticed (and I might be wrong) by looking at other threads that you should change the setup.iss, products.iss and (this last seems optional) and I did the changes and added some lines; But I'm suspicious that it's too easy to be true.

I'd like to know who can I test it before I submit a pull change. How can I run the installer in this SoundSwitch-dev folder that I forked and made changes?

I looked up in the web but I found a lot of things but none seems to describe what I want to do. I tried GitBash and GitHub Desktop but tbh I had little idea of what I was doing.

Obrigado! (Thank You)

EDIT: Just in case, I'm pasting here the 3 files I mentioned before in a .zip
They belong, respectively, to
1. SoundSwitch-dev
2. SoundSwitch-dev\Installer\scripts
3. SoundSwitch-dev\Installer

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@FireEmerald FireEmerald commented May 15, 2018

How can I run the installer in this SoundSwitch-dev folder that I forked and made changes?

You need to compile the Installer/setup.iss file using Inno Setup.

setup.iss -- compile --> Final\SoundSwitch_v_Installer.exe --> Test the installer.

  1. Download Inno Setup from here and install it (don't uncheck Download and install Inno Script Studio while installation).
  2. Download the source code of SoundSwitch, if not already done here.
  3. Unpack the downloaded
  4. Replace the Installer/setup.iss with this one.
  5. It's a "stub setup file" which means you can compile it, get a installer, which doesn't install anything on your system, expect the uninstaller inside the installation directory.
  6. Start the Inno Script Studio and open the setup.iss file:
    2018-05-15 19_43_43-window
  7. 1>2>3>4 and press (5) to compile the setup.iss. After compilation your installer is located in Final\SoundSwitch_v_Installer.exe.
  8. Run the installer and check if your strings are correct.
  9. Run the uninstaller to "uninstall" your testing installation of SoundSwitch located in the installation directory.

Now add your language after this line:

Name: "it"; MessagesFile: "compiler:Languages\Italian.isl"
Just use the Default.isl file.

and Translate:

en.AddCertDescription=Trust {#MyAppSetupName} Certficates%nThis way you won't have warnings when {#MyAppSetupName} is updating.
fr.AddCertDescription=Installer les certificats de {#MyAppSetupName}%nSi sélectionné, Windows reconnaîtra {#MyAppSetupName} comme étant un distributeur valide.
de.AddCertDescription={#MyAppSetupName} Zertifikaten vertrauen%nDadurch erhalten Sie keine Warnungen mehr, wenn sich {#MyAppSetupName} aktualisiert.
es.AddCertDescription=Confiar en los certificados de {#MyAppSetupName}%nDe esta forma no tendrá advertencias cada vez que {#MyAppSetupName} se actualice.
it.AddCertDescription=Accetta i certificati di {#MyAppSetupName}%nIn questo modo non vedrai degli avvisi quando aggiornerai {#MyAppSetupName}.
en.ExistingSettings=Remove any existing settings
fr.ExistingSettings=Supprimer les paramètres existants
de.ExistingSettings=Alle vorhandenen Einstellungen löschen
es.ExistingSettings=Elimiar cualquier configuración existente
it.ExistingSettings=Rimuovi impostazioni esistenti
en.UninstallQuestion=Do you want to remove {#MyAppSetupName}'s settings?
fr.UninstallQuestion=Voulez-vous aussi supprimer les paramètres de {#MyAppSetupName} ?
de.UninstallQuestion=Sollen deine {#MyAppSetupName} Einstellungen gelöscht werden?
es.UninstallQuestion=¿Quieres eliminar la configuración de {#MyAppSetupName}?
it.UninstallQuestion=Vuoi rimuovere le impostazioni di {#MyAppSetupName}?
en.ViewReadmeFile=View the README file
en.SupportTheProject=Support the project
en.ViewChangelogFile=View the CHANGELOG file
it.ViewReadmeFile=Visualizza file README
it.SupportTheProject=Supporta il progetto
it.ViewChangelogFile=Visualizza file CHANGELOG

en.depdownload_msg=The following applications are required before setup can continue:%n%n%1%nDownload and install now?
de.depdownload_msg=Die folgenden Programme werden benötigt bevor das Setup fortfahren kann:%n%n%1%nJetzt downloaden und installieren?
fr.depdownload_msg=Pour fonctionner cette application a besoin de :%n%n%1%nTélécharger et installer maintenant?
es.depdownload_msg=Las siguientes aplicaciones son requeridas para que el instalador pueda continurar:%n%n%1%n¿Descargar e instalarlo ahora?
it.depdownload_msg=Prima che l'installazione possa proseguire sono richieste le seguente applicazioni :%n%n%1%nVuoi scaricarle e installarle?
en.depdownload_memo_title=Download dependencies
de.depdownload_memo_title=Abhängigkeiten downloaden
fr.depdownload_memo_title=Télécharger les dépendences
es.depdownload_memo_title=Desargar dependencias
it.depdownload_memo_title=Download dipendenze
en.depinstall_memo_title=Install dependencies
de.depinstall_memo_title=Abhängigkeiten installieren
fr.depinstall_memo_title=Installer les dépendences
es.depinstall_memo_title=Instalar dependencias
it.depinstall_memo_title=Installa dipendenze
en.depinstall_title=Installing dependencies
de.depinstall_title=Installiere Abhängigkeiten
fr.depinstall_title=Installation des dépendences
es.depinstall_title=Instalando dependenncias
it.depinstall_title=Installazione dipendenze
en.depinstall_description=Please wait while Setup installs dependencies on your computer.
de.depinstall_description=Warten Sie bitte während Abhängigkeiten auf Ihrem Computer installiert wird.
fr.depinstall_description=Veuillez patientez le temps que nous installons les dépendences.
es.depinstall_description=Por favor espera mientras el instalador configura dependencias en tu computador.
it.depinstall_description=Attendi il completamento dell'installazione delle dipendenze.
en.depinstall_status=Installing %1...
de.depinstall_status=Installiere %1...
fr.depinstall_status=Installe %1...
es.depinstall_status=Instalando %1...
it.depinstall_status=Installazione di %1...
en.depinstall_missing=%1 must be installed before setup can continue. Please install %1 and run Setup again.
de.depinstall_missing=%1 muss installiert werden bevor das Setup fortfahren kann. Bitte installieren Sie %1 und starten Sie das Setup erneut.
fr.depinstall_missing=%1 doit être installé pour que l'installation continue. Installez %1 et relancer l'installateur.
es.depinstall_missing=%1 debe ser instalado antes para poder continuar. Por favor, instala %1 y ejecuta Instalador otra vez.
it.depinstall_missing=Prima che l'installazione possa continuare deve essere installato %1.%nInstalla %1 e quindi riesegui l'installazione.
en.depinstall_error=An error occured while installing the dependencies. Please restart the computer and run the setup again or install the following dependencies manually:%n
de.depinstall_error=Ein Fehler ist während der Installation der Abghängigkeiten aufgetreten. Bitte starten Sie den Computer neu und führen Sie das Setup erneut aus oder installieren Sie die folgenden Abhängigkeiten per Hand:%n
fr.depinstall_error=Nous n'avons pu installer les dépendences. Veuillez redémarrer votre ordinateur et relancer l'installation ou installer ces dépendences manuellement: %n
es.depinstall_error=Un error ocurrió instalando las dependencias. Por favor, reinicia el computador y ejecuta el instaldor otra vez, o instala la siguientes dependencias manualmente:%n
it.depinstall_error=Si è verificato un errore durante l'installazione delle dipendenze.%nRiavvia il computer e esegui nuovamente l'installazione o installa manualmente le seguenti dipendenze:%n

Re-run (5) from the screenshot and your new installer should be compiled.

You won't be able to test all strings due to the fact that the "stubbed" installer e.g. doesn't download anything while the "real" installer does download additional packages sometimes. To get this to work you must uncomment some of the code inside the setup.iss.

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@FireEmerald FireEmerald commented May 15, 2018

@Belphemur How about adding these strings from the installer to weblate so they can be translated?

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Contributor Author

@aleczk aleczk commented May 15, 2018

Thank you for you quick and elaborated answer. I'm almost sure I got it. The installer ran with my translations with no problems, but as you said, I couldn't see some strings and I didn't try my luck since I am not sure which lines to uncomment.

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Contributor Author

@aleczk aleczk commented May 15, 2018

I'm having a little problem when I try to edit with the Inno Script Studio, the foreign characters seems all messy. What should I do? Thanks. @FireEmerald. Sorry for being such a newbie


Edit: I solved by editing with the Notepad++ I already had, but I don't think that's the way you suppose to do, hahaha

@FireEmerald FireEmerald changed the title How to test my forked Soundswitch-dev folder? How to test my forked Soundswitch-dev installer? May 16, 2018
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@FireEmerald FireEmerald commented May 16, 2018

See 8c9b63b for the enconding problem. I also edited these files always with Notepad++.

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