Add or modify another language

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Step 1 - Required software

We use for our translations a software called Zeta Resource Editor. You can download it for free using the following link:

There's also a portable version available.

Step 2 - Get the source code of SoundSwitch

You will need an Github account for any further steps - create one if not done yet.

Then follow the guide Contributing to a project which explains how to fork a project on Github until Clone your fork.

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Clone your fork

If you just want the source code, download it here

Step 3 - Add or modify another language

Open the Zeta Resource project file, located under SoundSwitch\SoundSwitch.zreproj with the Zeta Resource Editor.

  1. Open the Project Panel.
  2. Double-click onto any of the groups inside the panel.
  3. The translations are shown in the middle of the screen. Project Panel

Feel free to navigate through the files and edit the translations. Don't forget to the save your changes.


3.1 Adding a new language (optional)

To add an entire new language you need to repeat the following steps for each group inside the Project Panel - see (2) from above.

  1. Open the first group - for example Localization\SettingsStrings like shown in the screenshot above.
  2. Navigate to File groups and tags > Create new file for language.
  3. Select your language from the New language dropdown menu and press OK.

Create new file for language

After doing this for all groups, close all group tabs and reopen them to see the new column of your language.

3.2 Clean the Zeta Resource Editor project file

Close the Zeta Resource Editor and start the SoundSwitch\CleanTranslationProjectFile.bat file once - done.

Step 5 - Advanced changes (partially optional)

This step must be done under the following situations:

  • Any English translation was modified.
  • Any Name key (e.g. activePlayback) was modified.
  • Any translations were added or removed.
  • A new language was added.

5.1 New language was added

After adding a new language using Zeta, open up Visual Studio and navigate to Localization.

  1. Include new added files into the Visual Studio project:

Include files

5.2 English translations were modified/added or removed

Open up Visual Studio and navigate to Localization

  1. Double-click onto the *.resx (NOT *.de.resx) file which was modified (e.g. SettingsStrings.resx). (see 8->9)
  2. Expand the *.resx file. (see ◢)
  3. Right-click and Delete the *.Designer.cs file. (see 10->11)
  4. Change the Access Modifier of the still open *.resx file from Internal to Public and then back again.

Re-generate designer file

This procedure creates a new *.Designer.cs file for the changed resource files.

Step 6 - Pushing changes and making a pull request

After all is done, follow our guide Contributing to a project and check the last two steps:

  1. Making and pushing changes
  2. Making a Pull Request

If you aren't practiced with Github, it's also possible that you zip the SoundSwitch\Localization folder as well as the SoundSwitch.zreproj file and open an issue including a link to your file.

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