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doc Update the usage options Jun 12, 2018
examples Added totality checked version of Howe's method. Jul 30, 2018
sasybel merged master into total branch Nov 2, 2014
src code formatting Sep 19, 2018
t interactive: process global pragmas in `%:load` Aug 21, 2018
tools beluga-mode: do not always stop beluga in beluga-start Sep 19, 2018
.admissible-fail integrate `replay` with main test harness Apr 12, 2018
.gitignore add lex_dump program and scripts for lexer debugging Mar 24, 2018
.merlin refactor Replay into support library Apr 19, 2018 Updated travis-ci to use opam packages Apr 6, 2017
.travis.yml adjust travis email notifications Mar 31, 2018
AUTHORS Added another missing past contributor Jul 7, 2015
COPYRIGHT Copyright notice. Sep 5, 2012
INSTALL Fixed typo May 20, 2014
LICENSE License the project under the GPL 3+. Sep 5, 2012
Makefile TEST: replace lex_dump bash glue with bona fide OCaml program Apr 13, 2018
README.markdown Link to the beluga homepage in the readme file May 14, 2015
RELEASE better test for RELEASE Jul 24, 2015
STYLE Allowing free variables in schema declarations to be implicitly quant… May 27, 2015
TEST TEST: add flag for testing only the interactive mode Aug 20, 2018
VERSION Updated version number Jul 24, 2015
_tags refactor Replay into support library Apr 19, 2018 implement `replay`, a test harness for the Beluga interactive mode Apr 12, 2018 refactor Replay into support library Apr 19, 2018


Beluga Build Status

Beluga is a functional programming language designed for reasoning about formal systems. It features direct support for object-level binding constructs using higher order abstract syntax and treats contexts as first class objects.