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jQuery Social Share Buttons

Social Share Buttons

jQuery plugin for Social Share Buttons with counters.

Supported for:

  • Facebook,
  • VK,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest.

Live demo

jQuery Plugin version Codepen Demo

Easy to use

HTML markup:

<span class="fa fa-facebook" data-social="fb" data-count="...">Facebook</span>
<span class="fa fa-vk" data-social="vk" data-count="...">VK</span>
<span class="fa fa-twitter" data-social="tw" data-count="...">Twitter</span>
<span class="fa fa-linkedin" data-social="ln" data-count="...">LinkedIn</span>
<span class="fa fa-pinterest" data-social="pt" data-count="...">Pinterest</span>

JavaScript Code:



By default buttons share current location.href, but you can customize sharing URL just put the hash with url:

    url: '' // Default is current location.href