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The Last Stand is a tower defense 2D game where you must defeat the evil forces of Ragnarok and save the tree Yggdrasil!
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Ragnarok is coming to unleash death and destruction upon all the nine worlds of the cosmic tree Yggdrasil. Can you stop it?

The Last Stand is a Tower Defense game where you defend a structure (tower) situated on the middle of the screen from incoming waves of enemies of both sides, by shooting bolts with a ballista!

Gain money to place traps, or combine them with another traps to create new ones that delay and damage the monsters.

Survive all waves and win against the evil gloom of *Ragnarok* to save each of the worlds!


Play the web version on here!

This game was an academic project and currently has no plans for further development. We apologize and thank you all who gave our game a try! :)


  • Use your mouse to control the ballista or cursor.

  • Left mouse button to click on buttons or shoot.

  • Press Escape (keyboard) to pause the game.

Meet the team

Check our credits file for more information on external assets used in this game - here.


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