[⚠️ DEPRECATED] An iOS Application Built with Swift Flow
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About this Project

This is a project being built as a proof of concept for the Swift Flow framework.

This demo still runs on 0.2 and will soon be updated to the latest release of ReSwift (Swift Flow has been renamed to ReSwift).


This project demonstrates some of the capabilites of the Swift Flow framework, including recording and replaying of application state:



To install the dependencies run:

carthage update --no-use-binaries --platform iOS

This project currently doesn't use Carthage binaries due to this issue with them.

###Twitter Authentication

If you want to run this app you will need to create an app on apps.twitter.com since this application requires to authenticate with Twitter.

Once you have created an app you need to create a .plist file called TwitterKeys.plist and add it to the project.

Finally, you need to fill the plist with the consumer_key and consumer_secret provided by twitter: