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This Project is now Outdated: Check Out Swift Flow

The ideas from this project have been used to build a library for unidirectional data flow in Swift: Swift Flow. If you're interested in this architecture you should go check the project out.

About this Project

This is an experimental project, the main goal was to create an App that heavily relies on value types instead of reference types. This project is used as proof for the overall architecture discussed in this talk: Safer Swift Code with Value Types.

It's an attempt to use a flux-ish architecture on iOS:




To run this project you need to have Carthage installed.

Checkout the GitHub repository, then run:

carthage update

###Twitter Authentication

If you want to run this app you will need to create an app on since this application requires to authenticate with Twitter.

Once you have created an app you need to create a .plist file called TwitterKeys.plist and add it to the project.

Finally, you need to fill the plist with the consumer_key and consumer_secret provided by twitter: