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Road and Object Detection




spsstereo- (optional, can CV toolbox disparity)

Matlab Computer Vision Toolbox

To Run: Kitti Data structure: ./data_road_right/[training|testing] ./data_road/[training|testing] ./data_car_left/[training|testing]

run (set CALIB_DIR to data_x/.../calib) (set LABEL_DIR to data_x/.../label_2) (set directories to Left and Right images) To get data processed in formats code uses, set in globals.

p2main.m is a script that will generate a 3d point cloud with 3d bounding boxes for detected cars and also output a 2d image with 3d boxes represented in 2d along with the road classifier segmentation result.

fitPlanePipe.m can be used to fit a plane to the surface of the road

#Example Results

Road Segmentation

Road & Object Detection

Point Clouds

Point Clouds