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This work hexo-theme-Anatole is forked from farbox-theme-Anatole. Features: two-column, responsive, clean, light, and comfortable.

此主题系 Farbox 主题 Anatole 在 Hexo 平台上的移植版本。主题特色:双栏、响应式设计、纯净、轻巧、观感舒适。

Please click here for more information about setup and usage.

请移步到 此处 查看有关安装和配置的文档。

I am convinced that a basic rule to coordinate a theme is to respect the original one, which means the coordinated one shouldn't be altered at will. Consequensely, hexo-theme-Anatole will only update in some functional needs. If you are willing to change some style of the theme, for example, to add something to the sidebar or to reset the layout, you can DIY. Additionally, I really appreciate it if you contact me and make a commision.