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This was a 2nd year class project meant to simulate the development of a real healthcare system from requirements to deployment. Per class requirements, this was written with the Django framework and followed the professor's requirements.

Original customer README below:

"Your Online Healthcare Management System"

Table of Contents:

I. Installation

II. Operation

III. Bugs and Disclaimers

IV. Pending Features

V. Development Credits

VI. Appendix

Section I: Installation

Extract the contents of this .zip archive to the directory from which you wish to run your new HealthNet server.

No further operation is necessary to complete installation.

For testing purposes, a simple skeleton database is provided with limited hospitals and staff. For more complete testing, double-click on add_records.bat and enter the names of the provided .CSV files (doctors.csv, nurses.csv, patients.csv, emr.csv) when prompted.

Section II: Operation

Running HealthNet

All server operations are conducted from the /healthnetproject directory.

To execute the server, double-click on "run.bat". It can then be viewed in any web browser at the address "localhost:8000".

Superuser accounts can be created by double-clicking on "createsuperuser.bat". Superusers should access the administrator interface at "localhost:8000/admin/".

In the event that the system database (healthnet.db) is deleted, it can be recreated by double-clicking on "remake_db.bat", though all information will still be lost.

User Accounts

Users may be registered at localhost:8000/users/register_patient/ and /register_staff/ All doctor and nurse accounts must be approved by the hospital's administrator, and hospital administrator accounts must be approved by a superuser.

Once users have registered, they may login to the system using their email address and selected password.

All users must select a hospital when they are registered. Only the system administrators may create entries for hospitals.

For data integrity reasons, if users are to be removed from the system, a system administrator should deactivate their accounts instead of deleting them. This prevents any possible issues based on missing database dependencies.

In This Package

Accounts included with the default database are as follows:


username: admin

password: apple.123

Hospital Administrators

Name: Mark Greene

Username: greene@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospital: County General Hospital

Name: Richard Webber

Username: webber@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospital: Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital

These are all the users initially required to operate HealthNet If the option to load additional records from the provided .csv files was chosen during installation, multiple other users will appear in the system.


Name: Meredith Grey

Username: grey@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospitals: Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital

Name: Doug Ross

Username: ross@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospitals: County General Hospital

Name: Gregory House

Username: house@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospitals: Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, County General Hospital


Name: Carol Hathaway

Username: hathaway@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospital: County General Hospital

Doctors: Meredith Grey, Gregory House

Name: Samantha Taggart

Username: taggart@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospital: County General Hospital

Doctors: Meredith Grey

Name: Olivia Harper

Username: harper@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospital: Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital

Doctors: None


Name: Charlie Abbott

Username: abbott@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospital: Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital

Doctor: Meredith Grey

Name: Ruth Bennett

Username: bennett@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospital: Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital

Doctor: Gregory House

Notes: This patient is initially missing some contact information and will be required to add it before scheduling any appointments.

Name: Carla Reece

Username: reece@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospital: County General Hospital

Doctor: Gregory House

Name: Al Boulet

Username: boulet@health.net

Password: apple.123

Hospital: County General Hospital

Doctor: Doug Ross

In addition, a number of medical records will have been added for each patient.

Section III: Bugs and Disclaimers


  • No server bugs are known to exist at this time. If any bugs are uncovered, please send a bug report to Tessa Nijssen.


  • The messaging system does not allow for filtering recipient by hospital; instead, a full staff listing is provided.

  • During profile registration and updating, certain errors (duplicate account, etc.) are not reported until form submission

Section IV: Pending Features

All system functionality has been implemented.

Section V: Development Credits

Jonathan Kleinfeld

Team Coordinator

John Murray

Quality Assurance Coordinator

John Byrne

Testing Coordinator

Ben Alderfer

Design and Development Coordinator

Tessa Nijssen

Requirements Coordinator

Section VI: Appendix

Documents contained in /~f261-04d/Release-2/ are as follows:

Requirements document: Requirements-HealthNet.pdf

Design document: Design.pdf

Test plan spreadsheet: TestPlanTracker.xlsx

Readme: README.txt

Project source package: Healthnet.zip

Project installer file: HealthNet-Turnkey.bat

Command-line utility: unzip.exe

We hope you find HealthNet both useful and enjoyable. Feel free to contact any of the staff listed above with questions or comments.