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My ~/.vim directory and vimrc

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BenBergman's Vim Configuration

This repository contains my various customizations for Vim. To use this setup, you must first clone the repository.

$ git clone git:// ~/.vim

or if you are me

$ git clone ~/.vim

My configuration depends on Vundle to manage my preferred plugins, so the next thing you will have to do is initialize that.

$ cd ~/.vim
$ git submodule update --init
$ vim -u bundles.vim +BundleInstall +q

Lastly, you will have to symlink .vimrc into ~

$ ln -s ~/.vim/.vimrc ~/.vimrc

Alternatively, you can create a .vimrc that includes the one from this repository

$ echo -e 'if filereadable("~/.vim/.vimrc")\n\tsource ~/.vim/.vimrc\nendif' >> ~/.vimrc

I have made some effort to make my configuration cross platform compatible, but I use Windows and Mac so rarely that many of the features have not been fully tested on those platforms. Feel free to report any problems you encounter or submit fixes.


I have a very particular way I like things, and that includes remapping the number and symbol rows in insert mode. Most people will probably be thrown off by this if they don't look at .vimrc before using it, so make sure you are aware of this and disable it before launching vim if you do not want it.

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