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This is my set of solutions to Altera's DE2 example labs. These were done as part of a course I took at university during the Fall of 2010. I am publishing this code because I found these labs challenging and had a hard time getting help on them. However, the labs did help me learn Verilog (and Hardware Description Languages in general) and I recommend trying to complete the labs without these solutions first.

I have only included the Verilog source files rather than the entire project directory. I wasn't sure how the project files would migrate between versions of Quartus, but the Verilog files should always be fine. I collected these solutions a few months after completion of the labs, so hopefully I didn't miss any important files. Lab 1 is missing due to a hard drive failure, but the remainder of the digital logic labs are present (lab 10 is in the lab 9 folder as they were very tightly coupled).

The computer organization labs might be a little jumbled up. Around the time I started working on them Altera changed the files they had posted online, so I have done a small amout of work from both sets.

If anyone has any questions or comments (eg a critical file is missing), you can email me at and I will try to respond in a timely manner. If you found these labs helpful and were able to complete sections that I am missing, please consider submitting a pull request. I regularly get requests for missing sections, so it would be very much appreciated.

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