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A custom DataGrid with the ability to edit cells for Compact Framework
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EditableDataGrid is a custom datagrid with the ability to use editable datagrid column types. The implementation is not perfect and I consider it a work in progress. The lack of the ability to override WProc in Compact Framework requires some work arrounds to beable to customize the behavior of key events on certian controls. EditableDataGridCF makes use of the KeyPressDispatcher class and IKeyPressProcssor interface to workaround some of the finiky key press behavior of controls in Compact Framework. The purpose of the KeyPressDispatcher class is to work with your Form to find and notify any focused control that implements IKeyPressProcssor of any key event; Taking advantage of the fact when a Form class had KeyPreview = true it is able to intercept key presses that may normaly be swallowed by the control.

Be sure to check the issues for this project as there are some.

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