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Repo for EDPX 3701 Creative Coding projects

Benjamin Schulz

EDPX 3701 Creative Coding

#Exercise 1: Face

  • Create a face using at least 10 graphical elements.

#Exercise 2: Animate

  • Create a project with mouse interaction, key interaction, animation.

#Exercise 3: Add-ons

  • Create a project utilizing at least 2 OF add-ons in conjunction.
  • Utilized ofxFluid, ofxGUI, ofxFX add-ons


  • Create a data visualization/generative art piece using OpenFrameworks

  • I made a lyric scroller for charted songs in the US. You can change which page of the chart/how many songs are included in the URL request. I was just inspired by the fact that I wanted to do something with lyrics. I like lyric sites like genius and musixmatch and so those got me thinking of the idea to use their API (I used musixmatch). I ended up doing very little compared to my initial idea and even then there are still many bugs. I am not familiar with c++ specifics and I feel that took a big chunk out of my project's potential.

  • BUILD INSTRUCTIONS -> use ofxJSON for addon.

  • USAGE -> Use the mouse to interact with button at start. Then use the mouse to click on the song you would like to see the lyrics for.(This is buggy, as multiple songs can be highlighted at once and the lyrics get confused sometimes, also the buttons double click so they can send you to a song immediately if it's bubble happens to be where your mouse is when you click the starting button). There are also back buttons on the chart and lyric pages that suffer the same double clicking bug. I think this has to do with the button still being pressed down when entering the new scene because the scene change is too fast (need some way to delay the scene change). To change the number of songs on the chart, find the URL request in the ChartView.cpp and change the page_size value.

  • VIDEO -> (This is video with button bugs still), I have added some work arounds (not pretty, just gui element) in the guiButton branch


  • We were required to create a project with some sort of interaction and feedback for the users.

  • My motivation was to provide more of a first-hand view of drone strikes. I wanted to replicate the behavior of a drone and immerse the user. The main inspiration of my work and the source of my data was Out of Sight, Out of Mind ( Unfortunately, some of my goals were not able to be attained, like camera movement. The laser interaction is not fully fleshed-out. I could tweak it to make it easier and more responsive.

  • BUILD - you only need ofxCsv addon for reading in the data.

  • Right now, you can move the mouse and click with the MB1 to interact. Press ‘l’ key at any time to switch to laser control mode. Use the laser pointer in the camera to aim and press TAB on the pointer controller in place of MB1.

  • Video : Documentation video


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