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#### uiomem3
A command-line utility based on devmem2 by Jan-Derk Bakker [1].
Whereas devmem2 facilitates individual reads and writes to the physical
addresses, uiomem3 facilitates the same to the maps exposed by UIO
drivers [2].
#### Usage
Read-from or write-to the MAP-NUMBER of UIO-DEVICE at OFFSET.
UIO-DEVICE the UIO device to open e.g. /dev/uio0
MAP-NUMBER the number of the UIO map in which to operate
OFFSET memory offset in the map upon which to act
TYPE access operation type : [b]yte, [h]alfword, [w]ord (default)
DATA data to be written
When DATA is not given OFFSET is read, otherwise DATA is written to OFFSET
[1], for example / no homepage
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