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The aim of this project is to experiment with different ideas about how to develop large, scalable websites. While experimenting, I'm hoping to be able to explain various patterns and approaches which could be applied in different situations.

Based on the fact that I work for, the problem will be initially based on a music store and everything which goes with it.

However, I'm expecting to be wrong. I'm expecting people to have different points of view or suggest different frameworks. I want this feedback, I want people to take a fork of the code-base and demonstrate their viewpoint. By using GitHub together with branches and forks, I'm hoping to build up a great picture of how the experiment has developed over time.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to demonstrate best practice or how I have previously implemented the features. This is just one approach which you could solve various problems not an example of how we have.

Project Structure

Branches: By using feature branches, I'm hoping to be able to try different implementations, frameworks or ideas with the master branch representing ideas I'm happy with. Branches will also be used for spikes, some may be merged while others left as future possibilities.

Forks: While branches will demonstrate features, I'm hoping that forks will be created by other people to show different ideas. By using the network graph, I'm hoping we can navigate different ideas over time and see how things progress.