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CucumberFits is a web-based interface to edit, search through, and run Cucumber features written in Gherkin, and stored in source-control.

It aims to make it intuitive and frictionless to read, run, and write features, as well as empower anyone involved in the software product to participate.

If this sounds a bit like FitNesse to you except with the intuitive and frictionless parts added, you're not far off from what we're aiming at. :-)


  • Display
    • an index of feature files found at (and underneath) a source-control location
    • scenarios inside a feature file
    • step implementations
    • other supporting helpers
  • Run features and scenarios
  • Report (incrementally and by summary at completion) on the results of the runner
  • Search
    • for features
    • for scenarios
    • for steps
  • Edit
    • features
    • scenarios (and outlines, examples, tags)
    • step definitions
    • with intellisense/auto-complete for step definitions
    • web-interface
    • commit back to source-control
  • Intuitive & frictionless
    • easy install
    • easy to use
      • encourages best-practise example-writing
      • encourages maintainable step-writing
    • API to drive the test-runner against the system-under-test
  • Integrates with source-control
  • Integrates with wikis and issue-trackers


Install & Use (user documentation)

Develop / Build (developer / contributor documentation)