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1. Create a Dropbox App

You will need to log in to your Dropbox account and create a new app.

2. Set your app key/secret

Replace the placeholders in bootstrap.php with your new app key and secret.

3. Set up the Encrypter object

This is optional (for development purposes) but it is advised that you use the Encrypter in production. OAuth access tokens should be handled sensitively and never in plain text.

// $key is a 32-byte encryption key (secret)
$encrypter = new \Dropbox\OAuth\Storage\Encrypter($key);

4. Set your storage handler

OAuth tokens can currently be stored using one of 2 methods:

PHP Sessions Tokens will be obtained on a per session basis. This storage handler can be used in cases where there are no user accounts to associate tokens with:

// Create the storage object, passing it the Encrypter object
$storage = new \Dropbox\OAuth\Storage\Session($encrypter);

Database (PDO) Tokens will be stored in a database. This handler plugs into existing authentication systems using user ID's already present. It does not provide user registration/management functionality:

// Authenticated user ID (stored in SESSION, for example)
$userID = 1;

// Instantiate the storage handler, passing it the Encrypter and user ID
$storage = new \Dropbox\OAuth\Storage\PDO($encrypter, $userID);

// Connect to your datasource
$storage->connect('hostname', 'db', 'username', 'password');

5. Instantiate the Consumer and API objects

$OAuth = new \Dropbox\OAuth\Consumer\Curl($key, $secret, $storage, $callback);
$dropbox = new \Dropbox\API($OAuth);

6. Run the examples

You will now be able to run the examples provided!

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