Ben Ward


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    A simple demo of CSS transitions for an automated image slideshow.

    Updated Sep 23, 2015

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    Shared portion of my home directory. Bash scripts, configs, that kind of thing.

    Updated Aug 25, 2015

    HTML 5 3


    Ben Ward is not just a person, he's also a website.

    Updated Jul 13, 2015

    JavaScript 1 1


    A messy pair of scripts to back-up a Tumblr blog, and then reformat it for my personal (Jekyll-based) blog. Might be full of some useful functions.

    Updated Aug 14, 2013

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    Shrtr: A tiny, tiny-URL appliance

    Updated Aug 9, 2013

    JavaScript 0 587


    forked from flightjs/flight

    A component-based, event-driven JavaScript framework from Twitter

    Updated Jul 30, 2013


    A single-page PHP script to export all public posts from a Tumblr account and export them as Wordpress extended RSS. (Enhancement fork of Hao Chen's Tumblr2Wordpress.)

    Updated May 20, 2013

    JavaScript 5 711


    forked from panicsteve/cloud-to-butt

    Extension for Chrome and Safari that replaces all occurrences of 'the cloud' with 'the moon.' Because of @blech.

    Updated Apr 24, 2013

    JavaScript 9 2


    A microformats 2.0 syntax parser in JavaScript

    Updated Dec 3, 2012

    JavaScript 1 1,237


    forked from gollum/gollum

    A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

    Updated Jun 26, 2012

    JavaScript 1 8


    forked from danwrong/loadbuilder

    Node package for building combine minified JavaScript files for use with Loadrunner

    Updated Feb 9, 2012


    forked from jekyll/jekyll

    Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby

    Updated Jan 29, 2012


    Bookmarklet and Browser Extension JavaScript to scrobble This is My Jam to Last.FM

    Updated Nov 27, 2011


    A MediaWiki extension to restore support for the HTML4 phrase elements used in wiki mark-up.

    Updated Nov 14, 2011

    JavaScript 1 14


    forked from glennjones/microformat-shiv

    A light weight cross browser JavaScript microformats parser

    Updated Sep 22, 2011

    JavaScript 14 1


    Twit.js is a handy little JavaScript wrapper around Twitter's OAuth API.

    Updated Aug 18, 2010


    Tumblr's native RSS output stinks; the semantics of quotes, conversations and so on are all lost. This is a script to convert any Tumblr-powered URL into a semantically rich feed.

    Updated Apr 13, 2010


    Creates a Atom feed for your Twitter timeline feed for only posts with URLs. Links are expanded to canonical URLs, and returned marked up as HTML anchors. A feed reader like Fever° can now use Twitter as a Spark source to weight content.

    Updated Feb 3, 2010


    Simpliwiki is my fork of W2; a simple web notes wiki written by Steven Frank <>. It's bare, minimal, and is built around Markdown. I'm using it as a base for my own wiki project, with rather larger design goals, hence running with a different name. (MIT licensed.)

    Updated Jan 27, 2010


    A hack to read the items from an RSS Reader's ‘saved items’ feed, identify the Tumblr posts and use Tumblr's Twitter API to ‘like’ them natively on Tumblr itself.

    Updated Dec 28, 2009


    Extensible, plug-in–based handler for generating and handling short-URLs for your existing content systems.

    Updated May 8, 2009


    A simple script to let users of Fire Eagle provide their API keys and authenticate themselves with a service, providing a token for reuse in static scripts.

    Updated Dec 27, 2008


    Simple extension to allow overriding of MediaWiki page titles using document mark-up.

    Updated Dec 27, 2008


    Shared component of my home directory. Configs, bash scripts, and so forth.

    Created Mar 28, 2012