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Notifies the user when a new buyer request is available.
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Fiverr Buyer Request Notifier

  • Background: Fiverr is a popular platform that gives freelancers an easy method to communicate and broadcast their skills to customers.
  • Problem: Fiverr does not provide real time notifcations to sellers when a potential buyer puts up an offer.
  • Solution: The script checks at set intervals for new buyer requests and notifies the user when a new one is made available.

Getting Started



  • Locate the file named "config.ini"
  • Open it in a text editor and fill up/alter the settings to your preferences
  • Save the file and make sure that "config.ini" is in the same directory as "" at all times

Running the Program

  • Open the Command Prompt (cmd.exe)
  • Type in "python PATH_TO_SCRIPT"
    • Replace PATH_TO_SCRIPT with the path to (EX: C:\Users\
  • The script should now be running and stop and emit a tone when a new request is posted

Built with

  • Python
  • Selenium Webdriver


  • Benjamin Wong


This project is under the MIT License

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