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@@ -1353,29 +1353,29 @@ declarations has all the work. It must:
The `panic` line here is the same as `<.panic: "Redeclaration of
variable">`. This is how you throw errors from inside action methods.
- my $past :=
+ my $past :=
:name($name), :scope<lexical>, :isdecl(1), :lvalue(1), :node($/)
This sets all the attributes.
- $past.viviself( $<EXPR> ?? $<EXPR>.ast !! 0 ) );
+ $past.viviself( $<EXPR> ?? $<EXPR>.ast !! 0 ) );
Initializers are EXPR, but optional. Instead of dying when referencing
uninitialized variables, setting the variable to 0 is simpler.
- $BLOCK.symbol($name, :scope<lexical>);
+ $BLOCK.symbol($name, :scope<lexical>);
This adds the variable to the block's symbol table, so PAST doesn't try
outer scopes.
- $BLOCK.push($past);
+ $BLOCK.push($past);
This adds the variable declaration **to the beginning of the block**.
The variable doesn't actually exist before it's declaration and this is the
simplest way to do it.
- make$name));
+ make$name));
Finally, referencing the variable in the code ensures that it gets

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