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# $Id$
Following in the steps of other open source projects that
eventually take over the world, here is the partial list
of people who have contributed to Parrot and its supporting
works. It is sorted by name and formatted to allow easy
grepping and beautification by scripts.
The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address (W),
description (D) and snail-mail address (S).
The Parrot Team
PS: Yes, this looks remarkably like the Linux CREDITS format
PPS: This file is encoded in UTF-8
N: Aaron Sherman
D: rand and srand ops
N: Abhijit A. Mahabal
D: P6C update
N: Adam Thomason
D: Building on various platforms.
N: Alberto Manuel Brandao Simoes
D: Named arguments support and recovery support on PIR parser
S: Braga, Portugal
N: Aldo Calpini
D: Debugging tutorial
D: Porting to PDA
N: Alex Gough
D: bignum
N: Allison Randal
D: Lead Designer
D: TGE, Punie (Perl 1), P6C
N: Amir Karger
D: editor bugfixes
N: Amos Robinson
D: IMCC Optimizer patches
D: ParTcl builtins
N: Anders Nor Berle
D: Some cleanups and FreeBSD related fixes.
N: Andreas Rottmann
D: Improvements of Eclectus
N: Andrew Parker
D: Port PAST-pm test to PCT.
N: Andrew Rodland
D: vim syntax files and editor doc
N: Andrew Whitworth
D: PDD09 Garbage Collector
D: Documentation
N: Andrew Sweger
D: typo squisher
N: Andy Dougherty
D: Config and building.
N: Andy Lester
D: consting, cleanups, and Chief Cage Cleaner
N: Angel Faus
D: CFG and live analysis.
N: Arcady Goldmints-Orlov
D: Lists and tuples for Pynie.
N: Arthur Bergman
D: Trying to ride a Ponie - build and compat fixes.
N: Arvindh Rajesh Tamilmani
D: Buffered IO fix
N: Ask Bjoern Hansen
N: Audrey Tang
D: Pugs, a Perl6->Parrot implementation.
N: Benjamin Goldberg
D: Numerous improvements and proposals.
N: Bernd Ulmann
D: Fixes for VMS
N: Bernhard Schmalhofer
D: Bugfixes
D: Eclectus, Scheme on Parrot
D: Parrot m4
D: Pipp, PHP on Parrot
D: HQ9plus
D: Release manager for Parrot 0.6.0 and Parrot 0.6.4
D: Tests for languages/lisp
N: Bob Diertens
D: patch regarding macro argument expansion
N: Bob Rogers
D: Random small bug fixes, including one for the linguine bug.
N: Bob Wilkinson
D: Numerous document typos.
N: Brad Gilbert
D: Add test for sysinfo op.
N: Bram Geron
D: IMCC documentation update
N: Brent Royal-Gordon
D: Configure, Parrot_sprintf, embedding, early regex engine.
D: Early contributions under the name Brent Dax.
N: Brian Wheeler
N: Bruce Gray
D: debugging tutorial remarks
N: Bryan C. Warnock
D: The First Perl 6 Summarizer
D: Little things here and there in pre-Parrot days.
D: And, yes, {sigh}, *that* Warnock.
N: Chip Salzenberg
D: Pumpking (0.4.6 - ... ) and demagogue
N: Chris Dolan
D: TAP language author, and Parrot Bug fixes
N: Christoph Otto a.k.a. cotto
D: Patch for key flags in pdd08
D: Range check in Env PMC
D: Pipp
N: chromatic
D: SDL library and examples; PIR Test::*; test suite cleanup
D: Parrot::Embed; Pheme
D: lead philosopher -- "Why doesn't this work?"
N: Clayton O'Neill
D: Fix for parrot linking issue on Solaris 8
N: Clinton A. Pierce
D: Many PIR tests and fixes
D: A small XML parser in PASM
D: Interpreter and compiler for BASIC
N: Colin Kuskie
D: nqp hackery
D: PIR tutorial updates, docs/test cleanups
N: Cory Spencer
D: Peek opcode and PIO implementation
N: Curtis Rawls
D: imcc optimizer and register allocator patches and tests
N: Dan Sugalski
D: The big cheese emeritus
N: Daniel Grunblatt
D: JIT and EXEC subsystems
N: Danny Werner
D: Test for literals
N: Dave Woldrich
D: Win32 build fixes
N: David M. Loyd
N: David Romano
D: PGE tests and fixes
D: POD for the Undef PMC
N: Dennis Rieks
D: Win32 config and build
N: Dino Morelli
D: PGE tests
N: Dmitry Karasik
D: nci loadlib fixes
N: Eirik Berg Hanssen
D: Use unix98 ps option in signal.t
N: Eric Hanchrow
D: add "clone" to iterator
N: Eric Lubow
D: makefile fixes
N: Felix Gallo
D: delegate.pmc patch
N: Flavio Poletti
D: SmartLink patch for Moose after 0.43
N: Florian Ragwitz
D: Debian packaging
S: Chemnitz, Germany
N: François Perrad
D: build fixes for MinGW
D: a patch to remove slash_exec from config
D: language Lua
D: language WMLScript (PIR translator)
D: Pipp
N: Garrett Rooney
D: Fix typo in PARROT_BIGENDIAN case
N: Geoff Broadwell (japhb)
D: OpenGL binding and examples
D: Disassembly/source weaver
D: Miscellaneous fixes
N: Gerard Goossen
D: Documentation patch for Parrot_PMC_get_pointer_intkey()
N: Gerd Pokorra
N: Goplat
D: Win98 and other fixes.
N: Gordon Henriksen
D: Unified PMC/PObj accessors
N: Greg Bacon
D: Memory reallocation test and patch
N: Gregor N. Purdy
D: Early Parrot core, including packfile and op processing code,
D: first predereferencing core, first Parrot-targetted compiler
D: with subroutines: Jako.
D: The human version of indent.
S: Sunnyvale, CA
N: H.Merijn Brand
D: HP-UX fixes and smoke tests
N: Ibotty
D: parrotbench ruby benchmarks
N: Ilya Martynov
D: Patch to let run from any directory
D: Minor documentation updates
N: Imran Ghory
D: Binary GCD / LCM
N: Ion Alexandru Morega
D: string.pmc, complex.pmc
N: James E Keenan (Jim)
D: Testing of configuration and build tools
S: Brooklyn, NY, USA
N: Jarkko Hietaniemi
D: packfile and Tru64 fixes
D: lot of general hints and patches to improve portability
N: Jason Gloudon
N: Jeff Clites
D: PPC JIT patches, ICU support, string handling
N: Jeff Goff
D: Release pumpking for 0.0.5-0.0.8
N: Jeffrey Dik
D: Test system fixes
N: Jens Rieks
D: Several libraries, examples and patches.
D: Tetris with SDL
S: Wuppertal, Germany
N: Jerome Quelin
D: parrotbug, befunge interpreter, ook compiler.
S: Lyon, France
N: Jerry Gay a.k.a. particle
D: test suite, compiler tools, perl6, TAP language, entropy reduction, ECMAScript
S: Seattle, WA
N: John J. Trammell
D: coding standard tests
N: John Paul Wallington
D: pir-mode.el: fix for xemacs plus bugfixes and cleanups
N: Jonathan Sillito
D: Lexical pads, CPS.
N: Jonathan Stowe
N: Jonathan Worthington
D: Bits of Win32 support, PBC utilities, debug segment work, .Net
D: to PIR translator, some Rakudo stuff and various other patches
N: Jos Visser
D: fortytwo opcode
N: Joseph Ryan
D: PIR tests and fixes
N: Joshua Gatcomb
D: updated version of
N: Joshua Hoblitt
D: bug wrangling, doc & makefile cleanups, and Pod tests
D: mucking around with Configure
N: Joshua Isom, a.k.a jisom
D: Getopt/Obj.pir
N: Josh Wilmes
N: Juergen Boemmels
D: Parrot I/O; macro stuff in assembler.
N: Julian Fondren
D: Standardize and add languages/*/MAINTAINER files
D: a patch to catch exception in Lua
N: Karl Forner
D: shootout examples testing
N: Kay-Uwe 'kiwi' Hüll
D: Cage cleaning tasks
N: Kenneth A Graves
D: yield and other PIR improvements
N: Kevin Falcone
N: Kevin Tew
D: Cardinal(Ruby on Parrot), ECMAScript PGE grammar,
D: Python PGE grammar, C99 PGE Grammar
D: Various Config Fixes, Compiler Warnings, etc
N: Klaas-Jan Stol a.k.a. kj[s]?
D: clean-ups of compilers/imcc and its documentation.
D: compilers/pirc and languages/PIR.
D: various updates to PCT-based languages (C99,Punie,Cardinal,Ecmascript)
D: languages/json
N: Lars Balker Rasmussen
D: FreeBSD and other build fixes
N: Lee Duhem
D: Debug patch
N: Leon Brocard
N: Leopold Toetsch
D: Patchmonster & pumpking emeritus (0.0.13 - 0.4.5)
S: Herrnbaumgarten, Austria
N: Luke Palmer
D: Many fixes
N: Marcus Thiesen
D: URM language, bugfixes
N: Mark Glines a.k.a. Infinoid
D: Cage cleaning, random bugfixes, report bugs
S: South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA
N: Markus Amsler
D: httpd.imc, bugfixes
N: Markus Mays
D: Implementation of the Rational PMC
N: Matt Diephouse
D: Turn off buffering layer in forth.pasm
D: Various patches for
D: Run Tcl test suite in partcl, and add various partcl bits
N: Matt Fowles
D: Resizable*Array PMCs
N: Mattia Barbon
D: Win32 fixes, dynamic PMC creation and loading
N: Matt Kennedy
D: Some Env PMC method implementations and tests
N: Melvin Smith
D: Parrot core, various ops, IO, subs, continuations, COW stacks
D: IMCC, Cola
S: Atlanta, GA
N: Michael G. Schwern
N: Michael Cartmell
D: README.win32 spelling patch
N: Michael Scott
D: Getting Started Guide for Parrot, many doc fixes
D: Mac OS X build fixes
D: HTML documentation for Parrot
N: Michael Stevens
D: Remove an unused variable in C-land
N: Michal J Wallace
D: Pie-thon hammering PIR
N: Mike Lambert
N: Mike Mattie
D: Patch reducing code duplication
N: Mitchell N Charity
N: Moritz A Lenz
D: Test infrastructure for languages/perl6/ and Perl 6 in general
N: Neil Conway
N: Nicholas Clark
D: Building and platform compat and more.
N: Nick Glencross
D: Various low hanging bug fixes
D: Build and smoke fixes for HP-UX and cygwin
D: Some examples, such as circle.pir and MD5.pir
N: Nick Kostirya
D: Win32, FreeBSD build fixes
N: Nikolay Ananiev
D: Win32 build fix
N: Nigelsandever
D: Win32 patches
N: Notfound
D: Bugfixing and cage cleaning.
N: Nuno 'smash' Carvalho
D: PGE/perl6/abc debugging and testing
D: Miscellaneous cleanup and PDD07-conformance
N: Ovid
D: Rename 'pbc_to_c' to 'pbc_to_exe'
N: Pancake
D: Fixes for pdb, the Parrot debugger
N: Patrick R. Michaud
D: Parrot Grammar Engine
D: Perl 6 pumpking
D: Pynie
N: Pat Eyler
D: Ruby recursive expression support.
N: Paul Cochrane
D: Changing the newspaper in the parrot cage
N: Peter Gibbs
D: String subsystem
N: Philip Taylor
D: Win32 ICC support
N: Piers Cawley
D: The Second Perl 6 Summarizer after Bryan C. Warnock
N: Reini Urban
D: cygwin fixes
N: Richard Tibbetts
D: Divide by zero exceptions in some PMCs
N: Rick Scott
D: Test and doc tuneups
N: Ritz Daniel
N: Robert Spier
D: Keeps us running
N: Roger Browne
D: Author of Amber; bug fixes and tests
N: Roland Illing
D: Building Parrot with pkgsrc
N: Ron Blaschke
D: Win32 patches
N: Ruben Fonseca
D: opcode test coverage script
N: Sam Ruby
D: Pythonic and OO patches
N: Sam Vilain
D: Prototype object model and tests
N: Sean O'Rourke
D: Original Perl6 compiler
N: Sebastian Riedel
N: Shawn M Moore
D: Cage cleaner
D: ops summary script
N: Simon Cozens
D: Release pumpking for 0.0.1-0.0.4
N: Simon Glover
D: Tests, docs and misc. bugfixes
S: Potsdam, Germany
N: Skip Livingston
D: Fix for string_to_num
N: Stefan Lidman
D: sqrt ops
N: Stéphane Payrard
D: Various code fixes and improvements
N: Stéphane Peiry
D: Lot of JIT/sun patches
N: tene
D: Cardinal, a Ruby compiler
D: ChitChat, a Smalltalk compiler
D: Minor Rakudo patches
N: Sterling Hughes
D: Questions for the FAQ
N: Steve Clark
D: Bugfixes
N: Steve Fink
D: Release pumpking for 0.0.9-0.0.11
S: San Carlos, CA, USA
N: Steve Peters
D: Patch for unreferenced variable warnings on Win32
N: Steven Schubiger
D: refactored out t/pmc/pmc.t perl tests
S: Winterthur, Switzerland
N: Stig Brautaset
D: Patch to repair 'make clean'
N: Stuart Jansen
D: lolcode patches
N: Thilo Planz
D: partcl tests and inspiration
N: Thomas Kratz
D: Fixes for VMS
D: Some FAQ questions and answers
N: Tony Payne
D: Example hanoi.pasm
N: Tom Hughes
D: Nicer command line handling in
N: Uri Guttman
D: Lot of general Parrot design hints
N: Vasily Chekalkin
D: Core and Rakudo patches
N: Vladimir Lipsky
D: Win32, IO fixes
N: Will "Coke" Coleda
D: Tcl language (partcl), APL, website, various languages/ upkeep, misc.
N: Zach Lipton
N: Zach Morgan
D: Rakudo patch
N: Norman Nunley
D: Shaving a Ponie
N: Vishal Soni
D: Bug fixes in IMCC, ECMAScript
N: Alek Storm
D: Fixed object vtable method overrides in PIR
N: Jeff Horwitz
D: Various bug fixes and tests
N: Mark Grimes
D: Clean up some tests
N: Josh McAdams
D: Allow git checkouts to pass some tests that require an svn checkout
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