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Bootstrapping Emacs Config with Quelpa and use-package

This config uses Quelpa and quelpa-use-package to bootstrap itself and provide a convenient framework for building your config.

;; Initialize the emacs packaging system
(package-initialize t)

;; Install or upgrade quelpa
(if (package-installed-p 'quelpa)
    (url-insert-file-contents "")

;; Make Quelpa prefer MELPA-stable over melpa. This is optional but
;; highly recommended.
;; (setq quelpa-stable-p t)

;; Make Quelpa update MELPA before installing packages
(setq quelpa-update-melpa-p t)

;; Install quelpa-use-package, which will install use-package as well
   :fetcher git
   :url ""
   :stable nil))
(require 'quelpa-use-package)

;;; How to use this config:
;; This will only go over how to use Quelpa and use-package together.
;; I recommend reading the use-package documentation at
;; at a minimum, as it
;; provides an excellent and easy to understand way to structure your
;; config. If you want more control over package installation, you can
;; also check out the Quelpa documentation at
;; To install a package from MELPA, add a use-package form to your
;; config. For example, if you want to install "fsbot-data-browser"
;; from MELPA, you would add this line:
;; (use-package fsbot-data-browser :quelpa)
;; If you used the (setq quelpa-stable-p t) line above, then packages
;; without a stable version will fail to install. (You can check by
;; searching for the package at For example,
;; the "gruvbox-theme" package has no stable version. You can install
;; packages like these with a line like the following:
;; (use-package gruvbox-theme :quelpa (:stable nil))
;; You can actually pass any of the Quelpa options in that form. For
;; example, to install something like ac-php that isn't on MELPA at
;; all, you could add a line like this:
;; (use-package ac-php :quelpa
;;   (:stable nil :fetcher github :repo "xcwen/ac-php"
;;    :files ("ac-php.el" "company-php.el")))

;; That's all! I hope this example was helpful to you.


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