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@Benitex Benitex released this 14 Dec 01:36


v21, v20, and v19 are supported, select your version below.
To update, copy your custom difficulty options (if you have any) and any other custom setting from 002_Setting.rb and follow the usual installation process.


  • Add setTemporarySetting method.
  • Add getScaledLevel method.
  • Add include_previous_stages setting.
  • Add a way to choose a specific evolution when there are multiple options (using the final stage in the PBS (or in a function) will set the pokemon to a specific evolution, while using any previous stage will make the evolution random).
  • Update the DIFFICULTIES array in 002_Setting.rb into a hash.
  • Fix proportional scaling going over the max level.
  • Fix level blocks (v19 only).
  • Fix settings reset after the first setNewLevel in the trainer EventHandlers.
  • Updated code readability.
  • Updated docs.