Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 userdata partition flash fix #56

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nka11 commented Oct 5, 2012

Fix proposal for #55

This was referenced Oct 5, 2012

Your referenced issue talks about "remained" as FOTA file name. How does the fix actually fix the issue, when you check for "remaining"?

nka11 commented Oct 26, 2012

It prevents libpit to fail when partition size is 0 AND FOTA file name "remaining".

I see that. But your PIT in issue #55 indicates that the FOTA file name is "remained", NOT "remaining". That's why I don't understand your fix.

--- Entry #15 --- Binary Type: 0 (AP) Device Type: 2 (MMC) Identifier: 12 Attributes: 5 (Read/Write) Update Attributes: 5 (FOTA) Partition Block Size: 6586368 Partition Block Count: 0 File Offset (Obsolete): 0 File Size (Obsolete): 0 Partition Name: USERDATA Flash Filename: userdata.img FOTA Filename: remained

nka11 commented Oct 31, 2012

:-o I didn't notice that, you're right. Sorry for misunderstanding.
I'll have to watch closely, it's strange and shouldn't work.

Thanks for reporting this


Benjamin-Dobell commented Jun 11, 2013

This should be fixed in 1.4.0 release ( If not please open another issue.

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