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Notes related to git compilation:
If you retrieved the libusbx repository from git and are using a gcc based
toolchain, be mindful that you should have the autotools installed (autoconf,
automake) and will need to run either ./ or ./ to produce
the configure file.
The difference between and is that the former invokes
configure with a default set of options, and will therefore generate a Makefile,
whereas the latter does not invoke configure at all. If using, note
that you can also append options, that will be passed as is to configure.
Notes related to submitting new developments:
If you submit a new development to libusbx (eg: new backend), that is unlikely
to fit in a couple of small patches, we would kindly suggest that you create a
public account on github, if you don't have one already, and then fork a new
libusbx repository under this account from
Then you can create a git branch for your work, that we will be able to better
reference and test.
We also suggest that, if you are planning to bring in a large development, you
try to involve the libusbx community early by letting the mailing list know, as
you may find that other people might be eager to help you out.
See for details on how to join the mailing list.