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Dilemme website

My future website, "Dilemme", French website based on either.io concept.

Work in progress.

Install and run

MongoDB is required.

Environment variables have to be set in a ".env" file at the root of the project (see .env.sample file) (I use dotenv).

7 environment variables are required :

  • NODE_ENV: "development" or "production"
  • ROOT_PATH: root URL (for example : http://dilemme.io, or http://localhost:3131) WITHOUT trailing slash but WITH leading "http://"
  • MONGO_URI: database URI, with user and password if required
  • MONGO_TEST_URI: test database URI, with user and password if required (only if you want to run tests)
  • GMAIL_USER: GMail user for sending mail
  • GMAIL_PASSWORD: GMail password for sending mail
  • FB_ID: Facebook app ID, used for Facebook authentication (create an app on Facebook developper website)
  • FB_SECRET: Facebook app secret
  • TWITTER_ID: Twitter app ID, used for Twitter authentication (create an app on Twitter developper website)
  • TWITTER_SECRET: Twitter app secret
  • GOOGLE_ID: Google app client ID, used for Google authentication (create an app and a client for the app on Google developper console and enable Google+ API access)
  • GOOGLE_SECRET: Google app client secret
  • CODACY_SECRET: Codacy token, used to send test coverage data to Codacy with Gulp codacy task

You must have gulp and bower installed too.

$ npm install -g gulp
$ npm install -g bower

Classic stuff to launch the application :

$ npm install
$ bower install
$ gulp build
$ node server

On the first start, sample data will be automatically pushed to the database.

Then go to http://localhost:3131 and everything should be fine.

Default admin credentials are 'joe'/'joe'.

Useful Gulp tasks


$ gulp build
  • Concat and minify JS files
  • Build Stylus files to CSS, concat and minify CSS
  • Compile Jade views to HTML


$ gulp lint
  • Run JSHint on sources
  • Run JSCS on sources using Google JS Code Style customized with two rules :
    • No limitation for line length
    • Trailing white spaces forbidden


$ gulp watch
  • Launch server.js using gulp-nodemon
  • Watch for any change in JS sources (client side) and rebuild them
  • Watch for any change in Stylus sources and rebuild them
  • Same for Jade files
  • Watch for any change in JS files inside of /server directory and relaunch server.js


$ gulp debug
  • Launch server.js with debug port set to 3132
  • Watch files like the watch task


$ gulp test
  • Launch tests (only some tests server side for now, work in progress)
  • Generate coverage report in coverage directory

Populate database with sample data

$ gulp init-db
  • Delete everything in the database and populate it with sample data (from server/data/sample directory)