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| P R O P A G A N D A Desktop Enhancements For Linux by Bowie J.Poag |


Hello! Thanks for downloading this archive..I hope you get out of it as much as I put into it. :) Propaganda is a pet project of mine--my way of helping the Linux community by drawing attention to the platform, and providing current Linux users (and prospective ones!) with the raw materials they need to customize the appearance of their systems.

Propaganda, at its core, is basically a collection of "seamless tiles". Graphics which are drawn in such a way that they do not appear to repeat at the edges. All the graphics for Propaganda are drawn with GIMP, an excellent paint program also made available under the GNU GPL. Propaganda tiles are painted in a wide variety of styles, textures and sizes, making them ideal for use in 3D applications, or simply as desktop wallpaper.

Propaganda tiles can be used freely, provided they are not bundled with a product which violates the GPL. You can download them, use them wherever you like, even give some to a friend. Thats fine -- But personally, my thoughts are with the advancement of Linux as a platform. Propaganda is a way to show the rest of the industry that Linux can be made as good , if not better than a certain unnamed Redmond,WA-based software giant's "operating system". :) Its hoped that Propaganda will attract users to Linux, and help current users at the same time.

If you'de like to drop me a line, or if you have a question regarding something i'm involved with, feel free to do so by emailing me at

Until then, good luck, and happy hunting. :) And again, thanks for downloading Propaganda.. Its popularity and success come from folks like you.

Bowie J. Poagn


Uploaded 11/30/2016

Benjamin Carr


Propaganda, is a collection of "seamless tiles;" which are drawn in such a way that they do not appear to repeat at the edges.





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