Open Humans Google Fit Data Source Integration
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Open Humans Google Fit Data Source Integration

Project name: OH Google Fit

Project repository: oh-data-google-fit

Creating code to link all Google Fit aggregated Data with Open Humans

Starting from the: oh-data-source-template released by @madprime: OpenHumans/oh-data-source-template

The Google Fit REST API as described here:

We want to query user data:

Code I am using as examples:

python: chewfit:

ruby: fitexplorer:

php: google-fit-php:

Google Fit REST API Samples

Data to be incorporated: "Aggregated Google Fit Data from Android Phones and AndroidWear watches and devices"

  • may result in some duplication of things like fitbit and moves
  • easily adds things like sleep, steps, stairs, altitude, atmospheric conditions without intervention by the @openhumans team
  • grows as Google Fit grows
    • no need to immediately parse incoming data that is not of current use
    • user selects data to be included in sync through OAuth2
    • can adopt non-used data as projects find needs for them
    • Google Fit REST API delivers all user selected data as .json